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(Ahh mate)
I'm back
Like I never left
I'm here at your in-convenience
I'm back
Like I never left
I'm here at your in-convenience

(So Steve, Steve. Where did you grow up?
Upper Clapton, Hackney
(How old were you when you first started rapping?)
I was 18
(Who are your major influences?)
Are you serious?
Your Mum
I ain't answering anymore of your questions
You know what?
I have a question

[Verse 1]
Whose idea was it to get in the charts
By rhyming over Hungarian dance mu-sic

And why would I make dance mu-sic
When I can't dance to it?

I'm the anecdote to that shit
Bringing back this rap shit
Soon as I'm done calling this bulimic-a-fat bitch
I'll be saving the day and renegade with a dog playing fetch
Watching him chase a grenade (pow)
Maybe I should play the same game with Bruno
If I ever again get mistaken for a Cluedo, character
I'm gonna have to unleash some amateur judo
I just took a shit and now I can't find any loo roll
Two flows for everyone that you got
Too hot
I do squat Diddily
And do more than you do when you do lots
Do lots

Do women do for me what they do not do for you?
Maybe it's got something to do with my new watch

That's it!

(I'm back) I'm back
(Like I never left) like I never left
(I'm here at your) I'm here at your
(In-convenience) in-convenience
(I'm back) I'm back
(Like I never left) like I never left
(I'm here at your) I'm here at your
(In-convenience) in-convenience

[Verse 2]
I have a question
Why would I beat around the bush or take the scenic route?
When I'm a meanie born to instigate fumes
I'm the morning, midday and evening news
And I started a trend Mike got his teeth fixed too
(Mike Skinner)

If you're wondering where I've been at
Kicked back with a six-pack
Of becks on a bench
Sunbathing in a hijab
Give me a Tic-Tac
I just had a pack of Nik Naks
Thanks now I'll turn you into a kebab with my pick-axe
Mish, mash, mosh-pit
Whenever I drop shit It's hot shit
I just won a race with an ostrich
Obnoxious, preposterous, looney, a damn nutter
If I ever see Rooney anywhere near my Grandmother (ah!)
I live life without an ounce of logic
I like my wrist so much I spent a house deposit on it
Vomit and then I drink more wine
Then I broke a bowl and hope the Hospital gives me morphine
How do you spend your time?


[Verse 3]
I don't have a question nope
When it comes to competition i'm burying them
Better to bury them then have them getting lairy again
They want it with me like they want it with malaria
Like Wayne Bridge wants to be John Terry'd again
I developed an obsession with Caroline Flack
I wouldn't mind having a go on Caroline's-
Actually I promise to never be so vulgar
To never mention putting my cobra
Inside of Anna Kournikova

I swear


I think I've got it out of my system now
(You sure?)
I am once again ready to answer questions
(Good, cause there's so much I've been wanting to ask you)
About 8 inches

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