Project Pat – Weed Smoke (Remix) Lyrics

Produced By: Drumma Boy

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Weed smoke, got me all floatin'
Weed smoke, got me all chokin'
Weed smoke, got me in my zone
Got me in my...
Weed smoke, got me all floatin'
Weed smoke, got me all chokin'
Weed smoke, got me in my zone...
Got me in my zone...

[Verse 1: Project Pat]
Project Pata, purple dranka, purple leafa
Should’ve been a Injun - I’m such a chiefa
Reefa, marijuana, sticky leafa
Cross me, haircut to the green meter
Beat a, murder charge, in the state a
Let a nigga slide by, like a skater
Paper comin' in off the hustle
Money on the wood, make it good off the muscle
Cigarillo, prep it up, no tobacco
Crumble up the medico, out the packo
A wacko, weed fiend, dip it in lean
Didn't have no mollies, for them dollies gave em beans


[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
My bitch smoke weed, she make that shit look good
Butt-ass naked, rollin' up Backwoods

Fuck her from behind, got that ass lookin' terrified
It's chicken, I'm Kevin Bacon, yes, I'm very high
Pussy paralyzed, only fucking Steelers fans
She camera shy, but naked on my Instagram
Smokin' on that fire, volcano vaporizer
Real pimp, bitch, blow that smoke in her vagina McDonalds off of china
Not the plate, bitch - I mean that wrestling ho
On that molly, acid, shrooms, it's a festival

[Hook x2]

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