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[Verse 1: Andre McCloud]
Well here we go again McCloud that self reliant narcissist
Tobacco flow but you niggas ain't spitting half as hard as this
Second please position your weapons and aim it at my head
So there will be no questions and yes
This fucking niggers dead
Dutches keep his eyes red, Bars keep his mind gone
Not the ones im spitting but the kind that nigga T.I.P was on
Niggas hiding guard your throne because pyramids is well known
Geezers, Jesus probably wouldn't even recognize the chrome
I see you niggas sleeping but im creeping through your homes
With a flask full of Jamesons and he brought the K with him
Leave no trace, case full of dead bodies left on display
Rumors disperse but I ignore them motherfuckers
Anyway different day, same shit but what can I expect?
I haven't finished college which is something I'll probably regret
No co-signs in the game but I'm knowing I'm next
So salute the pyramid is the next subject..Bitch

[Verse 2: Pyramid Vritra]
Shelby the wheels
'Relli the wrist
3D Propelly gazelle
Sunnies in that polynesian sand

Flow tranny gold rosen hulk hogen hoes
Ripping through em ripping through your stereo
Indicomed tippin 4's since im holding
Now opposed none approaching him the throne they was watching overthrown
Vritra from the tomb of tomorrow in the realm where the wolves hang
Sector that nobody really knows but we know everybody knows

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