Quasimoto – Axe Puzzles Lyrics

Produced By: Madlib

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Quasimoto, the green in your area
Putting it on you sick with it, like malaria
We groaning like Spy vs. Spy, on dust
Leaving grenades on your brain, cause we flying high
Lord Quas run the Voodoo town, I do the Pharaoh's Dance
Plus drink the Bitches Brew, living with the Spanish Key
I'll meet you in the Sanctuary
, I'm taking out my shovel
And throwing your body under some rubble
While I'm looking at the day's eye
Down the road I'm learing lessons
Stepping in the bone fire
Down in my basement I got wack M.C.'s wearing buzzers
Waiting for the axe puzzles

Quasimoto! We coming though like earth rock
We jjump into your screen like blood clots
Taking over your crews and what nots
Wannabe M.C.'s rushing lines like venereal diseases
Unseen [?] thesis
Lord Quas and the new breed stale, dropping underground releases
Secrets, I got mystical, magical
It could be tragic for all you M.C.'s caught in my cylinder
I disappear invisible to the sight

Elemental always have us on flight
Like a time bomb, get the jewels and the green
Madlib, Lord Quas, Mr. Buddha, Skeeta
We form the dream team, prepare for The Unseen
Dropping Axe Puzzles

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