R.A. The Rugged Man – Effin' Yo' Bitch Lyrics

Produced By: Marc "Nigga" Nilez

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[Verse 1]
Ayo, I seen your bitch at the club eyeing the grimy
Rugged low life rapper, no life rapper
What she wanna look at me for?
I ain't got shit, I got a little, white dick
Six inches, the bitch want it, she can get it

I don't got nice shit
I don't got platinum and ice shit
I got no life, bitch - get it right, bitch
Come to the crib, we gon' handle this
I don't care who your man is
I got a dirty apartment with roaches, that's where I take her
Queens Hillside Avenue in Jamaica
Buy her later when I hit that, tap that
Pull the ass out, smack that
She a freak bitch, she like to eat dick
She be telling me your secrets, your weaknesses
This is who you dream, bitches
I'm in your crib now busting nuts on your silk sheets
Soiling your mattress
Bend her over backwards and sideway
Last Friday you was home
I was busy tearing her back out in the driveway
Yeah, I'm probably the ugliest guy you ever saw
To you I'm probably poor
I'll probably get your bitch screaming for more
I got the bitch fiending for dick, I'm probably right next door
You the shit, right? Big wheels shit
You making platinum hits, I'm still fucking your bitch

Fucking your bitch, fucking your bitch
Fucking your bitch, fucking your bitch
Fucking your bitch, fucking your bitch
Fucking your bitch, fucking your bitch
I be fucking, fucking, fucking your bitch
Fucking your bitch, fucking your bitch
Fucking your bitch
I be fucking, fucking, fucking your bitch
When you're not around, I be fucking your bitch

[Verse 2]
Yeah, she ain't grizzly, chicks be on my dick meat
Your bitch be probably with me
It's so funny how a dirty motherfucker like me
Might be the one sticking dick up in your wifey
Yeah, it's true I'm a piece of shit and I'm proud of it
It's true I'm here to defy the public
It's true I'm tapping that ass, every ounce of it

Playing with her clitoris, in your crib where your kids live
It's ridiculous how this bitch live
She the gang bang, take dick on her first date bitch, your bitch
She like it when I choke her, smack her, yolk her
Twisting her like yoga, friends [?]
White Buffalo, white trash soldier
Bend her over, cobra
Busting nuts on your sofa
Yeah, I'm R&B, half rap shit
I got your bitch on some ''hit-it-from-the-back'' shit

Sex maniac shit, no prophylactic
My whole clique tapped it
She a bad bitch, she talk shit, but she back it
I don't care if I'm a born loser
I fuck the dog shit out your bitch while you make love to her
(He ain't shit, right?
You're killing it
I love you
Yeah, love you too)
Yeah, you right, see that, I'm not shit
But I never lie on my dick, I never pop shit
If I said I fucked your bitch it gotta be true
I got STDs, now you got 'em too


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