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Produced By: Bassi Maestro

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Yeah, let's get it cracking

I've been working for you (it's for my ladies) doing all I can (all I can)
All the time (all the time)
I've been working for you (it's for my hustlers) doing all I can (all I can)
All the time (all the time)
I've been working for you (worldwide baby) doing all I can (all I can)
All the time (all the time)
I've been working for you (yo TNT turn the mic up) doing all I can (all I can)
All the time

Listen, hey yo, what's good boo? I know I've got explaining to do
I've got some problems but none of them pertaining to you
It's mostly money, bills, warrants that's just naming a few
I ain't complaining just let me win the game and I'm through
I get my shit together stop living off the corner
Get the majority of my priorities in order
And in my goal is find a way to get you out the slums
So we can roll through the neighborhood without the guns
And the grind my days is limited, sinning and crime
Time is money but you wonder how I'm spending my time
Am I really stacking paper or I'm bending a dime
That's propaganda try not to let that enter your mind

Yo hon, you listening? Cause when it come to flipping ones
And getting bundles in the jungle I've got tunnel vision
Just stay focused there's a lot of road
I bridge the gap to get a lot of dough
Just help me with this pot of gold
Cause you was there when the feds hit me
We took our vows in the penals
So you could do my bid with me

Private, visits to jail you had a kid with me
Now it's time to get the crib with me, live with me, come on

I've been working for you doing all I can (all I can)
All the time (all the time) (X4)

If you don't hear from me, call the priest and don't think papi cheating
If I ain't there something happened to me, the block is heated
Just go in the ceilings and the boxes and the closets keep it
I hid the yearly profits we get in the Sealy posturepedic

I got to leave it drugs squeezing guns and the ghetto
Last thing I wanna do is leave you a young widow

But the scent of papi's easy Miyagi still on the pillow
So I'mma find a way to survive and stay alive
Don't let the Lexus scare you just let it just prepare you
I spraying nine's some thorough plus I'm extra careful
Got something good waiting for me you know I'll be there boo
Incredible head to toe plus the sex is rare too
Got you the cranberry benz you say yeah I'm happy
But you don't want nothing if you can't have me
So I'mma switch the gig when I get rich from this
Then go legit and handle businesses, kiss the kids

I've been working for you doing all I can (all I can)
All the time (all the time) (X4)

I ball for you, ? for you, mall for you
I say I'm sorry for the times I was wrong for you
Get into your beef for you plus I be loyal
I go gutter free for you even flush a key for you
Right now I'm ready to change my lifestyle
Pipe down for you lay the pipe down for you
Even call free for you all week for you
Lay off the heat for you stay off the street for you
I'll take you out for lunch anything you want
Without the front for you put out the blunt for you
Make sure you safe and sound stay around for you
You gonna love the way your man lay it down for you
Hey yo hey ma everything is ? you got to know it

(ad-lib to end of song)

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