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1st place: @Brock

2nd place: @DixieGeorge

3rd place: @Lawnmanjoker

Honorable Mention: @BJeff

*4 RG moderators selected a pool of finalists. Donald Glover chose the winners!

Childish Gambino gave us a binder with a SIGNED hard copy of the because the internet script and a CD in it!

If you'd like a chance to win this extra special prize from Bino, enter the contest below

Becausetheinter.net ends in a shoot out. But what if things played out differently? What if The Boy lives? What if The Boy died?

Here's how you enter:

Re-write the ending to becausetheinter.net with your OWN vision, while still respecting the plot and themes in the original screenplay, starting from:

       Tires SCREECH outside. Dude 2 stands up. There's a small crash outside




       The Boy and Dude 2 look at each other

1. Click "Add New Song" at the top of the page and add your name as the artist and title it whatever you want

2. Add it to this album: because the internet Script Contest


- Only one entry per person

- Scenes can be NO MORE THAN 300 WORDS MAX

- The more themes, throughlines, and concepts you incorporate that were also a part of because the internet or Clapping for the Wrong Reasons the more likely you are to win

- FEEL FREE TO TATE IT! This is Rap Genius after all, and tating is where the true beauty of the text lies

- Contest ends at midnight (PST) on Sunday, December 22nd

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