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Produced By: Redman

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>>>[REGGIE NOBLE]: RRRRAHHHHH! Look out! You musta got hit with some bullshit

[REDMAN]: Yo, where at?

>>>Smack dab across your lips, can you talk?

Ahm ahh ill uhh ahm no em no menna no vat

>>>Yo-ye-yo Redman, what the fuck was that?

I don't know but it's on my top lip
Don't crack jokes, or pop shit
Just get it off my top lip
Or Reggie, you'll get dropkicked

>>>Oah-OK be still chill, I'm gettin it off your grill
>>>Some of that pussy you ate this mornin from that bitch Jill
>>>But c'mon, check it
>>>Let's get busy on this record
>>>So we can make the dough, shit
>>>And make girls like Kiki Shepard get naked

On the strength!

>>>Party with Machine and Oprah Winfr'
>>>First class tickets, hotel bitches puffin mad blunts



Blunts don't don't rhyme with Oprah Winfr', punk

>>>Who cares what rhymes with it long as the funk pump through my Benz truck

Now you know you don't own a Benz

>>>Yes I do and chrome's the trim
>>>Black with a system when it's hittin I'm pullin mad skins
>>>With Olde E sittin in between my lap
>>>And when brothers act up, a gun machine I pack
>>>The original P-Funk, got the jewels trunk, a funker
>>>When I'm sexin', my bed is bigger than Eddie Munster's
>>>Like maxin'

Wait wait wait, could we get on with the tape?
Lights, camera, hahh, action

>>>Welcome to Red's tape, may I take your order?

It's a slaughter if you order the hit without the water
And then swallow without the damn water to follow
You might be doin the stupid dance and win a grand at the Apollo
Whatchu know?
I'm rough, snap necks, drink Olde E, but crack Beck's
Wreck anything that's wet, when I have sex
For instance, I mix with, a style that make you shit bricks
Tsk tsk, I'm musically gifted, to rip it
Boom-shaka-lak, Red got crazy knots
And knots in the pots, got props from here to George Washington Bridge
I get biz, I use hats, so no kids
Fuck, I took out more suckers, than a..

>>>HOLD UP! I don't think I can freak the funk like that
>>>I might have to nap, because my afro is like Shaft

Puffy, fade it quite lovely and to snuff me
Get your gang, cause I'm Fightin with more Power than Chuck D

>>>Chuck D from Public Enemy?

Yeah he's a friend of me

>>>The one that say "Brothers and sisters?"

Yeah but he's no kin to me
I'm strictly negro, I freak the style and there it goes (BOOM!)
If a stitch in time saves nine, then I got shit sewed

>>>Put pins in needles, and needles in pins
>>>A happy man is a happy man, that, when I'm hittin' skins

Fuck skins, I'm hittin puss when it's douched
Then eat it when the puss is well cooked
Up in the air?

>>>No the cab

Who's in the cab? Whut The...??!!
It's Superman!! (WHY?)
Because it's hot as a motherfucker out here

>>>Oh word, yo Red I'm gettin the fuck out of here man

Yeah me too

>>>Oh I forgot to tell you Willya called for you

Willya who?

>>>Willya suck my diiiiiick! {laughing}

Aiyyo fuck you! Big nose bitch!
I hate your stupid ass. You a stupid motherfucker!

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