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[Verse One]
Are we animals? Some suggest
We was better as slaves with chains on our chest
Nothin' on our brains, no A's on the test
Yo Mike, can we make it out the ghetto man?
What it do? What you do if it's you?
They gave us hot water we learned to make stew
We had no money we learned to make due
Yo Mike, was you born poor like me?
(It's true)
I bet you should, come back to the hood
See everything we built out of what we could
Limited resources but from where I stood
You would still look at it and say
(Good! That's good)
You from Gary, I'm from Chicago
We both should go back two days from tomorrow
I don't care how we get there, plane or trolly
They need money Mike, c'mon man
(I'm sorry)
This can't just be words, gotta be action
We love the people and they need satisfaction
We on the road but we gotta get some traction
I'm Rhymefest and his name is
(Michael Jackson)

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