Rick Ross – DJ Khaled Interlude Lyrics

Produced By: DJ Khaled

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[DJ Khaled]
I hope your all enjoying yourselves
This is the DJ Khaled throwing down to aka the big dog Pitbull
Terrasquadian aka we da best aka Dade County 305 the movement

We are here forever
We survive through Every storm any weather any road block any fuck nigga
We here forever and we ain't never gonna stop

Rick Ross is the definition of the projects
Ricky Ross is the definition of the ghetto
Rick Ross is the definition of the slums
Rick Ross is the streets
You see Rick Ross is like the poor people's president
He represents the struggle
He's the level of the hustle
I am DJ Khaled
And I'm gonna stand beside Rick Ross for the rest of my life
Through the good times, through the bad times
See we will never be stopped
Never, cause we the muthafucking best
Ayo E-Class man, hold this man my machine broke
From countin to much cash believe that haha

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