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Im Addict To The Gwuap, Im Smoking On The Skunk
Im on This Money Hunt, Bitch I'm Buying What I Want
Im Addicted To The Gwuap, Can't Waste My Time For Nothin
This Money, shit it come, Bitch Don't Worry Ima Stunt
Im Addicted To The Gwuap, Addicted To The Gwuap
Don't Worry Ima Stunt, Bitch I'm On This Money Hunt
Im Addicted To The Gwuap, Addicted To The Gwuap
Im Smoking On This Skunk
Im Buying What I Want
I'm addicted to the gwuap

[Verse 1]
Dumb fuck boy you'll get robbed
Got Shooters On Deck Boy, Don't Act Like You Don't Want War
This Money Come In Lumps
These Hoes Know Ima Stunt
Addicted To The Glory
I Stay on the hunt
Your niggas they the Broke Boys They ain't Got No Dough
My Niggas They them Blow Boys, They a smoke his folks
Bitch I Know I Got Dough, I Know That I Got Hoes
This Money Over Flow, Boy We Shoot Up Your Shows
Addicted To The Gwuap, Don't Worry You'll Get Robbed
Can't Waste My Time For Nothin, For My Money You'll Get Slumped
She All On The Glo Boy But She Can't Get None
Addicted To The Glory I Know Ima Stunt


[Verse 2 ]
Im Higher Then I Want
These Bitches They Are Stars But I Fuck Them Like I Want
I Want Top Right After Dark
My Money Ima Blow, look Bitch I Am Star
Im Smoking On This Dope
These Hoes Love The Glo Boys, Yea Your Bitch A Go
Don't Make My Niggas Blow
Bitch I Got Plenty Dough
We Hotter Then A Stove, The Hottest Thing To Glow
Bitch We Called The Glo Boys We Got Plenty Dough
My Daughter Myiah, So I Stay On The Hunt
This Money shit it comes, I Could've Bought A Yacht
Hundreds Wipe My Snot, Bitch I'm All At The Top
Addict To Glo Boys We Got Plenty Dough


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