Sean Kingston – Born To Be Wild Lyrics

Produced By: J. R. Rotem

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[Intro: Nicki Minaj (Sean Kingston)]
Well this ah di big bod Nicki Minaj (Kingston!)
And dem should know! (JR! We back.)

[Verse 1: Sean Kingston]
I was just a player in the game of love
'Til she came and turned mi tables around

Stacking up mi chips lining up all mi cars
Still they all came tumbling down

Man I think I might, think I might make her the one
Take them stealin' me up on the run
She hits me like a shot gun, I’m done
If love is the beat she’s the stead of my drum
Fly me away, the kingdom come
She got me going, daram-dam-daram-dam

Hey-o, hey-o, I was born to be wild
Oh no, oh no, 'til love shot me down

I’d rather die a thousand times, than live without your love
I'm sayin, hey-o, hey-o, I was born to be wild
Oh no, oh no 'til you came around
I’d rather die a thousand times, than live without your love
Hey-o, hey-o, I was born to be wild

Oooohh I’m blown away, uh whoa, I’m blown away [x2]

[Verse 2]
Love was just a word 'til I bought me a ballah
Oh you everything for holding me down
I'm tellin all my homies that mi find mi a queen
In the jungle so you facing the crowd



[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]
If you would die, then why would you try
And if you reply, a suit and a tie
Is what I would buy, then you will be mine

Because you and I, we're born to be wild
I am Martha; you King Arthur, who knew you would land me?
I've been known to eat these rappers, cook 'em like chef Ramsey
Mission accomplished, you're my accomplice
Cover of Vogue, yeah, I'mma go topless
I'mma go bonkers I'mma go crazy
I'mma get reckless and have a baby

Then hang the baby off of the balcony
Teachin him to moon walk, tell him he's Japanese
Yeahhh!! (Konichiwa!)

[Hook: Sean Kingston]

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