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Get ready to show love man
Shawty Lo man
Sing it and ring it to a brother
Free of charge

L O, L O, Dey Know, Dey Know [x4]

Shawty Lo I got Flavor
Let's you know the kid got paper
Like 40 don't save her
Bankhead then pull a caper
The way you drop would have thought I had a tazer
Call me street, like a razor
Shawty Lo, ATL, I'm the Mayor
Street niggas but my gear be tailor
Every now and then shawty might rock gators
Me and that puss I got acres
Yeah no more nosey ass neighbors
Big ups to all my haters

L O, L O, Dey Know, Dey Know [x3]

(Shawty Lo Man hey, hey)
I'm the man and they know that
I got cash, I'm talking throw back
100 grand
What's that
I hit club and I blow that

All these hoes know Lo that
I'm picture perfect, made for Kodak
Let's talk money, I got plenty
Dope boys let's get, get ,get it

L O, L O, Dey Know, Dey Know [x3]

L O, L O, Dey Know, Dey Know [x3]

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, How you doing it's L O
Said you see three I'm the one middle
I don't need this beat, I could rock it acapello
I want my juice, all I needed was some skittles
Yea now I'm King, yes sir just like G
A-Town fitted who but me
L O, she know, he know, they know, they know, I am

L O, L O, Dey Know, Dey Know [x3]

Dey Know, Dey Know
Dey Know, Dey Know
Dey Know, Dey Know

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