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Lets live it up
Cause we don't know how long we here
Go girl this yo song in here
I can have you feel relaxed for real
We rollin' swishers in the party chill

[Verse 1]
Some guys like booty poppin' on the handstand type of chicks
But usually them the ones that end up gettin' picked up

Usually you really wouldn't catch me in the strip club
But its magic weekend in Vegas and my chips up

I was drinkin' on a list of things
I up in VIP sittin' next to a beautiful, gorgeous
Brown little something with a round little something
Fillin' up them jeans and she worked em'

The DJ turned up a couple of jams and
Dollas start flyin' out of my hand
She winked at me then she went in her purse for a roll of tens
She looked over at me and said "Lets have some fun"

Her bodyguards came over with a stack of ones
He gave her half and she gave me the other one
She said "Lets see who can add up these numbers the fastest"
Then she made it rain
All the girls start splashin'

Tell me where you came from
Cause you know I can't leave without you girl
Got me thinkin' that its something about you girl
I think its bout that time
I think its bout time that you roll with me
Show you all the things you supposed to see

Cause we don't know how long we here
Go girl this yo song in here
I can have you feel relax for real
We rollin' swishers in the party chill
Lets live it up

[Verse 2]
The night is still young
And we are too

If you don't want to drive we can carpool
Cool cars parked out front

Were at the blunt as you spark the siegal
My niggas got lungs when we smoke
That shit only go around once

You keep talkin' sweet talk
Something told me that I should keep walkin'
But now she seated in my lap
When the hell did that happen

She pourin' drinks for the dancers with a smile
She gettin' lap dances for free they gettin' wild
You know how I do, you know me I'm sittin' down
She throwin' back shots and I'm grabbin' the rebounds
I say yo' name
You say my name to see how we sound together
Smoother than Italian leather

I'm in there dancin'
Turn around and bow down in front of her
She would think my girl bout a thousand hundreds up

[Hook 2x]

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