Sir Michael Rocks – Nasty Pastor Lyrics

Produced By: Cardo

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Thought that shit was bout to start like that but it ain't
Cardo whatup yeah nasty pastor in this bitch

She say she only know me when I’m nasty
Nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, (echo)
Smashing out in traffic you can catch me
Catch me, catch me, catch me, catch me, (echo)
My bitch and my car foreign so are matching
Matching, matching, matching, matching, (echo)
She say she only know me when I’m nasty
Nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, (echo)

[Sir Michael Rocks]
My interviews got a budget
The drugs in the budget, the hoes in the budget
They twerking out in public, man I’m Banco from the TP
C the Charles be the order in the cellies, my bitch ain’t got no belly
Aye man Tris be trippy rolling dope, its fifty sixty foreign hoes
Bitch wishy washy acting prissy but she going though

Sippy sippy pouring on the Chrissy till we pissy
Going Bobbie, going Whitney, you could miss me with the going broke
They game ain’t the same son
I’m hopping on the plane son
Bitches come with baggage and I ain’t trying to claim none
I tell em carry on with the same sob story
Getting top from a pop star, it’s that real top 40
Don’t stunt, you niggas not doing what you want
I hope you hating niggas smoke a blunt from the front
For a month, I was OT on the road getting money
Getting chose by the honnies but she say she only love me


[Sir Michael Rocks]
Maaan my team concrete solid boy
Bitches on my Almond Joy
Busting down them boxes rocking soxes with your baby mama
Stop ut boy, stop it five, stop it folks, stop it, just stop it
Pull up on that ass in the drop 6
She cute I give her pipe in and like the side of Range Rovers seats
I told myself I would be the one two and the three
The MVP, that’s why you dream of me
You lying through your teeth, If you say I ain't getting buzz
Well look her in the drawers
Cuz being broke come from taking them brakes
And I ain’t selling you a zip if you ain’t placing for 8
Its Banco case closed crib facing the lake
If it was B or Goofy time I bet you’d hate to be late
Its good sushi, she not a groupie
She raise that ass like the flag and salute me
And when I’m picking up the bags she a boost me
And that’s why you make me laugh, you a groupie


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