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Produced By: Ski Beatz

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[Verse 1]
As the weed roll world turn under my Adidas
Crew mediocre, my team some overachievers
Who woulda knew high school cheetah fucking cheerleaders
Make it to the point where niggas parents wanna be 'em
Life's a game so I treat it like it's chess
A couple steps ahead in my endeavor for these checks
Gotta enough friends, ignoring every request
My weed name Oger, say I'm smoking on that Shrek
Leader in my lane like Obama chasing change
Exchanging verses that's expelling from my brain
And taking bitches when desiring their frame
Get them high to the point where all the remember is my name
Da$h Dillinger peeling women I'm feeling 'em
Weed, music, my hustle my strategy one in a million
Say it different, I ain't trying to hear it
We running through while y'all niggas fear it. H's

Live my life like a video game
Put my name on the high score and continue to play
I just continue to play, getting high everyday

[Verse 2]
In the presence of a young Al Pacino
Scarface, or maybe Dinero Casino, start race

Pedal to the floor, let that rubber get a tall taste
Top speed, Love bring both Money and the trees
Need a bad bitch who could roll a joint for me
Couple G niggas riding just to prove a point for me
Write raps, smoke power, lifestyle sweet y'all sour
On tracks I'm the black Jack Bauer
Or 24's I mean
16's hurricane high reign supreme
Shell toes poke El Oh's, my game got girls
From Broad Way to Melrose, tell folks

Study a nigga and become his understudy
I ain't bluffing man the only thing I'm cuffing is the money
The only thing I'm cuffing is the money
If being broke is a joke than nigga I'm never funny


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