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You whistle and I sing
We're both happy like bright parks and the high swings
Weathers crappy you want love
I want flings, scared of commitment
You like me, I like things materialistic
. So

What the fuck is this?
I don’t know I am just a kid with a talent
Trying to make it big, so work and love I balance

With a soft spot for those blue eye girls that act condescending
Make remarks that are offending

Ooo I love those girls and the ones that are naive
They think I love them and I'm faithful when I'm lying through my teeth

Yeah, and the ones that act so differently around me
And they do with their friends
Girl you don’t have to pretend, just be

Who you are, I probably won't like it
When I am big all my ex girls who wanna be reunited
I ain't down in slightest trying to meet the girl with the fattest ass or the jeans that fit the tightest
Oh I think I found her
I'm gonna make sure she gets knighted

And even when I kick her out that girl be so delighted

I told her like
"Quit thinking"

I have been drinking she cold
I'mma get the mink in
Get the mink out

I wonder when you die what you think about x4
Another world surround me
Another heart will forgive
Another world will surround me
Another heart will forgive

She says we have been dating for while
She says we should settle down
I say hell no

I am having too much fun to consider that
Call for security don’t fuck with that

The party and the fun I deliver that
I get love don't give it back
Let’s do what they do on Cinemax
Life is never wasted when you wasted all the time x2

(Repeat x2)
Boozin' Confusin' faded we're moving
You hot as hell, Jacuzzi
Charlie Sheen my main girl losing

Another world will surround me
(Main girl losing)
Another heart will forgive

(Repeat x2)
Easy come easy go
I tell my English friends I fancy all these easy hoes
Which one to chose eenie moe
But I don’t love you anymore

Let’s do what they do on Cinemax
I get love don’t give it back
Let’s do what they do on Cinemax
I get love don’t give it back
Let’s do what they do on Cinemax
I get love don’t give it back

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