Skyzoo – Dreams In A Basement Lyrics

Produced By: Illmind

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[Intro: Sample from Fresh]

Chucky: It's quiet here

Fresh: Yeah, I like to come here

Chucky: It's lonesome, you know what's whack
When I'm down with the posse or at home and shit
And everybody be screaming and yelling and shit, it gets real lonesome
It be like crowded and noise and screaming
And suddenly it feels like I'm the only one there

Fresh: The more people there is, the lonelier it get
I have this dream

Chucky: Yeah, like what

Fresh: Nothing, sometimes I have it, that's all

[Verse 1: Skyzoo]
Celebrating the win, celebrate what it meant
Do remember and celebrate it again
Right newly winners we celebrate where it went
And sewn different we celebrating the hem
Right you sing along you celebrating the hymn
Bet em to prove me wrong you'll be celebrating they end

Tell em its crew first, we celebrating with kin
And fuck an E for effort, don't celebrate the attempt
My attempt be, everything the rent be
Call it hand-in-hand but a hand can't be empty
So I was in the basement sparring with complacency
And my weaving got me off when it would tempt me

Sofa beds and dealing with being better than all that you listen to
And feeling like it's whatever as long as it get to you
For the nod and the doze and the open yawn
Shit is beyond what they hope, tell em no regards

[Hook: Jill Scott]
Sometimes I wonder will I ever sleep the same
Cause I, I let these dreams keep me awake
Said I need more, I just need more
Cause I need more, said I need more
So I dream

[Verse 2: Skyzoo]
For all the Grand Aves, all the Merrick and Lindens
All the Fulton streets, forever we did it
May we never forget it nor what it took to be it
And for the taking when we take it like it took repeating
They took to me and I took em home
I shouldered all of it, brave enough to look alone
Looking thru blinds tryna look for time, counting to hook a line
Tryna serve what you deserve but still cooking mine

Pint of Hennessy, tryna write a memory
Live it and forget it like tonight was like the end of me
Right in a basement loaded with ambition
Smothered by it they wanna eye it but can't listen

Sleeping with the cousin of sleep and her hands vivid
Turn for the win but most of em can't pivot
For the nod and the doze and the open yawn
Shit is beyond what they hope, tell em no regards


[Bridge: Skyzoo]
For the sleepers, and for the dreamers
For the awake and everything that's between em
For the awake and everything they believe in
And when believing ain't enough, I be up
I be up on the other side, where the others tried
For the other ride, or otherwise
Otherwise I'll be sleeping here wit y'all
But dreaming ain't enough so if sleeping is involved
Ill be up, on the other side, where the others tried
For the other ride, otherwise, dreaming ain't enough, so I'll be up

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