Skyzoo – Jansport Strings Lyrics

Produced By: 9th Wonder

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One time up for Chi Ali
Cuz I could be in a box if I ain't see that screen
My mama prayed that I wouldn't be Chi Ali
Now my mama straight cuz I wanted to be Chi Ali

They say my Jansport strings was tying it all together
My Jansport strings was tying it all together
My Jansport strings was tying it all together, and now that new thing got me riding out for whatever

[Verse 1]
One time up, sowing the sides up
Hometown heroes, like you know where to find us
Looking over your shoulder like I'm slowing the ride up
First time listeners, they ain't kno what a line was
Blue & orange everything, loaded the line up
Got em looking for lines like they hope they can tie up
A spoon full of 'ron when I shoot & give a bar
Give or take, I'm in a space that's usually regarded
For wakes or living aces, truthfully regardless

Look at who they telling me to par with
Pardon me though, bred different so I'm arguably so
You arguing over crowns dude arguably no
I was fitted to wear that fitted and wear that living
For the living, you hear that penning?, well yea that did it
I mean, its all just as real as they say
And blame Chi if anybody is feeling a way, one time


[Verse 2]

Doing numbers, tryna do the summer
Dreaming outta control, said we tryna coupe the Hummers
Leaning out of a hole like we tryna duck the edges
And leaving papi alone cuz we out here running credit
Young, early 90's in the heart of the K
Saw the servers, corners had targets for days
Any reason is a go, how they squeezing you should know
Draped in Columbia jackets, beepers & Girbauds
I mean, played lockers wit tomorro's front pagers
White & purple huaraches, tryna murder the lobby
I mean, all we knew is what we saw first
Wheels up for whatever til it all works

And I tell 'em one time up for Chi Ali
Cause I could be in a box if I ain't see that screen
Grey basements on all of my fitteds, if I'm on then we did it
Applaud wit it if you see my lead, one time


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