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Produced By: Just Blaze

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[Intro - Just Blaze - talking]
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Just Blaze, Bar and Grill extravaganza
We got Jamla juices right over there on the left
Fort Knocks soy burgers on the right

The entertainment tonight is my man, S-K-Y-Z-O-O
With that Return Of The Real
Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together
Here we go!

[Verse 1 - Skyzoo]
I'm feelin like it's workin, I feel it when I work it (uh huh)
It's feelin like if June '96 was in service
The ceiling might move when I lift up to pen my cursive
They predictin it will, so the hype is fittin it's purpose
They was missin the real, I write it and make it worth it
Call it how it feels but as far as gettin a word in
You swallow that for real and keep it the way you heard it
When they playin catch up, I'm tearin the tape deck up
Maybe's it April '94, half moon partin it
And I don't see a lane but I'm seein the page that's carvin it
So I don't need a lane, you can keep away with the bargainin
I ain't wear a cuff yet and you see where my cup rests
Sittin on the shoulders of anybody who jump next
Powder in the air, burgundy wears, Upper Deck

None of them can worry me, my pennin is worry free
And the moment it breathes, it's September 13th

[Hook - Skyzoo] - 2X
It's the return of the real, about as real as you knew
See how I jumped in this for real, yeah I'm livin the proof
Know that you wanted it for real, so I give you the new
And you remember how it feel, yeah I give you that too

[Break - Skyzoo]
It's the return of the real

I see them lookin for the real but they ain't find that yet
A couple made it but they ain't recognize that yet
I see them lookin for the real but they ain't find that yet
A couple made it but they ain't wanna rewind that yet
So now they lookin on me, they lookin towards me
Now they lookin on me, they lookin towards me
Now they lookin on me, they lookin towards me
And they recognize I as the look that they all need

[Verse 2 - Skyzoo]
And for the visually impaired, they stared until they saw it
It was clearer than the thinnest of air, so they was on it
Fuck Japan, ain't a thing over there that could walk along it
Beside it or in front of it, try it and live under it

One of the last left, who pen it as it is
So from jump I was past left and spinnin back again
They don't get it, they don't comprehend it
So my talk be, listed as different, they throw they hindrances on me
Picture me trippin, my walk gimpy, see it's on beat
A told me get 'em, so I get 'em 'til they caught me
All said and done, you can all say that they all me
Birthed 'em, if it's '95, I August 1st 'em
Couldn't find nobody truer as far as verbs
The mouthpiece for all the pursuers for +What It's Worth+
So when it turns out that I be what the term 'bout
Can't say that I ain't signal nobody to turn 'round, right?



[Outro - Skyzoo - talking]
Uh, yeah, uh huh
It's the Return Of The Real baby, uh
I'm talkin June 25th, '96
April 19th, '94
September 13th, '94
August 1st, '95
Aiyyo Just, tell 'em Wikipedia that

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