Skyzoo – The Shooter's Soundtrack Lyrics

Produced By: Cyrus Tha Great

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[Verse 1 - Skyzoo]
Shoulder the blame, strong enough to maybe hold it and aim
Old enough to know the mechanics, like he knowin his name

Young enough to know he can handle it or so he proclaims
Inspired to throw a hand in it and go with the grain
And by default, whatever's performed, is what it's gon' be

Hollows in the sky, drown out heaven's harmonies
Followin the sky 'til they told him it was all speech

Now he cover his ears in case it ever cause heat
All covered and clear, arms within arms reach
Hands on approach, hole wanna fill his heart beat
Hands on the scope, load wanna see him glow
See him grow right in front of your eyes or leave 'em closed
Leave 'em with enough of those and it's enough to lead 'em out
To see the doubt and to see what the similar be about
And if they, all for it and they never say never, it's whatever
Strong purchasin is fifty and better

[Hook - Skyzoo]
So raisin band, you day one, get it how you see it
Eyes wide shut but seein is believin
Reason bein, you day one, get it how you see it
Eyes wide shut but seein is believin
And the soundtrack to it is as loud as you can see (*gunshot*)
The soundtrack to it is as loud as you can see (*gunshot*)
The soundtrack to it is as loud as you can see (*gunshot*)
The soundtrack to it is as loud as you can see (*gunshot*)

[Verse 2 - Skyzoo]
Told 'em it's easy to get accustom, easier to adjustin then they thought
And seeing's believin, so he believin what he saw
And who would of knew how much he could see behind the door?
They changin the locks baby, he seein what he want
And anything could turn tunnel vision if the ending
Is the opposite left from the beginning

And if winning is the opposite left, than you'd be with it
You be gunnin for a run in that tunnel, pun intended

So he runnin with his gun in the tunnel but still seated
Can't carry it and can't put it down, he still need it
Can't leave it, can't see without it, they blew the lights out
Let it walk in front of 'em and stop whatever come to 'em
Halo up above it, sixteen's sittin under it
God if it jam, may your hands do the coverin
Halo up above it, sixteen's sittin under it
Easy to be a pawn for anybody who want it


[Verse 3 - Skyzoo]
Louder than they ever saw, doubt 'em and he lettin off
ASAP, everything about 'em has been said before
Brighter than they ever heard, light 'em when they send the word
Take that, one shot right 'em if they ever turn
Take that (*gunshot*), word is murder is cheap
It's work for hire if you lying where the murderers be
And the market is still clickin when they callin in need
Findin one is automatic if you walk in the lead
So if he seem a little different and you see what he was given
It's a given understanding that he breathin at his limits
And the limits is, anything the crib might've given him
Was makeover day three, they ain't put the ceiling in
Roof still open so the sky that he was livin in
He throwin shots at it, call it high off of adrenaline
Young enough to kick it with the one I'm pullin under me
Friends teller in, what the tool might wanna be (*gunshot*)

[Outro - 2:30 phone conversation between Skyzoo and his girl]

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