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[Intro: Akon]

[Verse 1: Snoop Lion]
I'm sitting on my porch watching the law
As they ride past in they patrol cars

So tell me why I feel like the enemy
They're supposed to be here protecting me

I might have went too far
Helping to contribute to making their job hard

Serving fiends like these people ain't no enemy
I can't believe I'm out here killing my community
If you knew how far I came
Where I am and where I used to be
I don't want it, you can tell by the look at me

This gangsta life ain't no longer in me

[Hook x2: Akon]
And I'm tired of the running, tired of the running
Tired of the running, running from the law
Baby, you gotta believe me

[Verse 2: Snoop Lion]
I know there's things I could've changed, girl
I know there's things I could've done a lot better
Instead, I'm in the streets trying to make that cheddar

Thinking in my mind that you gonna be there forever
I know I could've let it all go (let it all go)
But I was thinkin it would make life better (make life better)

Instead I'm sittin in this cell writin this letter
Thought I wouldn't get caught cause I was way too clever

I learned there's no one to catch ya when ya falling
And they'll be no one to hear you when you're calling

Do you know what it's like to wake up in the morning
While you're starvin you're hearin bugs crawling
Reminiscing on them days you was walking
With pretty women on your arm while you're flossing

Thankful that I didn't end up in a coffin
Something we see too often


Said I'm tired...
Said I'm tired...
I said I'm tired...
So tired, yeah


[Outro: Akon]
Said I'm tired...

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