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[Intro/Hook: Soulja Boy]
Swag - touchdown, touchdown
I just scored a play and made a touchdown, touchdown
A hundred racks a day that is a touchdown, touchdown
Both hands up cause it's a touchdown, touchdown
Shawty get out my way! (Go!) Shawty get out my way!
Stay up on to that boy, it's twelve points in your face (uhh)
Shawty get out my way! (Uh-oh!) Shawty get out my way!
Stay up on to that boy, it's twelve points in your face (uhh)

[Soulja Boy]
Beezy gon' stay up on, make it rich mane
Ridin in my Hummer, twenty-eight with a switchblade
Girls on your bumper cause I swags it like Kinte
And you know I got twelve writ, call me Wednesday
Call up Antonio, that step stair monster
I'm gon' let my chain hang like Lil B The Based God
Twenty-five on my whip got them girls screamin "Hey, uhh
Ooh, can we get yo' autograph?" I guess
Yeah I'm ridin in that 'Vette, twenty inches on the track
And you know what's comin next, Soulja TellEm 'bout to flip
Girls bout to trip, on my whip, cause you know I flip whip
With that ice cake, no kiss me on my neck hahhhh~!


[Soulja Boy]
Girls know my name; two pistols on me
So I strut like Max Payne - 'bout to make it rain
Try to snatch my chain then that nine touch yo' brain
Rearrange yo' frame and I rap like Gucci Mane

Ridin in that van, please tell me what is next
Bubble Chevy dawg, back in the day I break 'em all
Breakin all the laws, only the fools follow the rules
I was ridin around my school with a backpack plus a tool
The chopper will hit you fools if that boy disrespects
Man I'm swagged up with hella tattoos on my neck, yuh!
Hella swagged up, see the Gucci stashed up
Make a nigga back up, chopper flash if he act up


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