Sway UK – Level Up (DCY vs BBK Remix) Lyrics

Produced By: Preditah

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[Intro: Sway and (Kelsey Sings)]
It's Sway, representing team DCY
It's JME, representing BBK
And it's definitely time
To level up
What you gonna do?
Ohh snap
(Yeah we level up)

[Pre-hook: Sway, (JME) and {Kelsey Sings}]
From when you hear that track start
(It's a straight nine on the gas mark)
You better grab your gas mask
{Time to level up}
Both been in this game since '03
(And still MCs can't catch up

{Yeah, we level up}

[Hook: Kelsey Sings]
I'm gonna climb up the levels, go harder
Lights flash every time we go past
I'll never lose the game, I'm gonna last
So let's start
Yeah, we level up

[Verse 1: Sway]
What happens when DCY meets BBK
You better get it on tape, TDK
Preditah's on the beat, get your hands together
Can't you see that we need prey?

My boy J and I
All over the iTunes, no playing about
I got a YouTube game like Zerkaa
Thumbs up from my brudda KSI
Wanna know where the man then your gonna need Sky+
Swear down, then your gonna rewind
We light up the track like arson
Yeah, I'm a gunner, but I honour three lions

I rep for the street like FIFA
Can't wait to reach Ibiza
The goal is to do straight shots
Trust me, we're all going in, no keeper


[Verse 2: JME and (Sway)]
I wear sunglasses, I can't take the stares
Your not on my level, I can't take the stairs

You wanna level up but nobody cares
Cause we have been leveling up for years
JME and Sway
Okay, jump on the beat and spray
Nobody can afford to level up
I don't know who told you it's a free country
Up, up, up and away
I fly high to the top of my jays
I fly by on my high top jays
And the wings on my durag making them sway
We are not on the same level
Like the world level backwards
So settle down, don't heckle us
Cause now, we're bout to level up
Looking in the mirror and I feel like I'm famous
Like my first album weren't a question, but a statement

(Today could be the days that everything changes
Manchester to Glasgow we're tearing up stages)
One moment your whole world re-arranges
I'm jamming on my Sega, raaah, been playing for ages
(Forever roll the dice, now it's looking like Vegas
Free my little cousin, people asking where Klayz is)


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