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It’s showtime!

Everyday, they ask how I’m doin'
Deuces up playboy I’m coolin'
I’m coolin', I’m coolin coolin', I’m coolin coolin'
I’m just coolin', I’m coolin' coolin', I’m coolin coolin'
Everyday, they ask how I’m feelin'
You see the ounces playboy I’m chillin'
I’m chillin', I’m chillin' chillin', I’m chillin' chillin'
I’m just chillin', I’m chillin' chillin', I’m chillin' chillin'

[Verse 1]
I got my Balmain on plus my Louis on
I got my Christian on, boy I get this on

You see me ridin' Lotus and my top bitch gone
The interior butter like popcorn
She got on Givenchy, she fresh like me
Everytime she go shoppin Alexander McQueen
I mean, we just coolin on a Sunday
Can't wait to ball out on Monday


[Verse 2]
My Jaeger-LeCoultre is out ya culture
The hoods on fire man them boys is vultures
We are family la Cosa Nostra
Go through up and downs like a roller coaster
Got my cavi with them gators on 'em
I’m in the studio fogging with some faders on 'em
And this beat is my entree
I’m Audi 3000, Andre


[Verse 3: Eve]
E-V-E, I’m back on my bullshit
Came back, came back, back with a full clip
Who want problem, whoa-whoa-whoa, who want flip
Gun taste, one lick, wanna get some of this
You see that hot pink Birkin, that’s a problem
I’m hot like everything kickin I’m a problem
Yeah, I’m a walking Vogue
You might talk a lil one but ya looks are old


Do ya dance now (x4)
Hit the floor now
Do ya dance now (x2)
Get down now (x4)
Lets work now (x4)

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