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[Verse 1: Hopsin]
Yo,Now everybody kept their mouth closed
Stayed on the down low
While you was blabbering all your bullshit rapping bout hoes
Now I'mma hit you with the foul flow

How so? I'll show
So niggas now know that my sounds dope
How low, can I go? Lower than you
I'm bouldering boos, your homework is due
You posers are doomed, got post at your room
We coming up quick to cause some misery, headaches and injuries
The minute we own the facility

[Verse 2:SwizZz]
Yo, it’s my turn to put it down for the team
With a glorious lean, stunting, when I walk on the scene
I might do a handstand, spin 1080 degrees

Whatever it be
Hop can you throw me a, G!
I'm focused, no adderall
Equipped with a bigger sack than Santa Clause
Yeah, I have to ball

You’re not a writer you’re a tag along, loner
Push me and I'll put you in a box

Ayo, We keep on listening to the same damn rookies (Point ‘em out!)
I hit 'em with the bang bang boogie
Ayo, We keep on listening to the same damn rookies (Point ‘em out!)
So I hit 'em with the bang bang boogie (Point ‘em out!)
They go! (Point ‘em out!) They go! (Point ’em out!)
They go! (Point ‘em out!) They go!
Ayo, We keep on listening to the same damn rookies (God damn!)
So I hit 'em with the
Chk! chk! Boom!(gunshot)

[Verse 3: SwizZz]
Ay, I'll pass bars but I didn't go to law school
You'll be long at home depot, you're all tools
I’ll break it down like the swishers in my console
Lick your drinking water, Ima smack you out that bar stool
Now everybody here, throw your hands up like a volunteer
Grab a hairy nigga by his fucking beard, shotgun a beer
Get up off the wall, See us at the top you’re at the bottom like bubble balls
Tell ‘em Hop

[Verse 4: Hopsin]
Yeah, you can tell I’m Hot
When my new shit drop I should sell a lot
I’m always thinking some type of selfish plot
My flow is sharper than propellers on a helicop
Who wanna rumble with the egg that’s what the hell I thought
You dang pussies, get hit with the bang boogie, when you ain’t looking, and you be laying in paint shooking
With your brains gushing!
We love stirring up problems, we cause ‘em
Rappers we boss ‘em, it’s fucking awesome


[Verse 5: Hopsin]
When you rolling with the misfits proud, you getting hit with the click click blaow!
It’s a senseless style, nigga its just how
We get down where we come from!

Hit us up!
If you want some, w-with the dumb dumbs!
Shit about that 818 homie we going hard though
Only ones who repping the fucking valley who are dope
We the reasons the planet turns and the stars glow
It's FV Welcome to our show!
Lets SwizZz go!

[Verse 6: SwizZz]
Damn Hop! Watchu wanna rush a little nigga for
I know you don’t drink but I’m tryna finish Jack and Coke
The A1A is waiting patiently for us to blow
Cuz on the low we’ve been killing since 2004
(Hey!) F-U-N-K
(What else!) V-O-L-U-M-E
(Hey!) The people love it, (No doubt!)
So we keep it funky!
Here comes the thunder no Kevin Durant
The Bang Bang Boogie just might leave you right where you stand!


You know I hit ‘em with that (chk! chk! Boom!(gunshot)

Damn, homie you hit em with that (chk! chk! Boom!(gunshot)

Ayo, We keep on listening to the same damn rookies (God damn!)
So I hit 'em with the
Chk! chk! Boom!(gunshot)

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