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Produced By: Megahertz

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[Talib Kweli]
Now, If I'm out of town my crew take of ya bodies the more the merrier
Point and spray the area
Niggas is quick to bury you
Punk niggas feel inferior
Guns make us superior

Cats start acting scarier
Situations get hairier, yo
You know who killing it, niggas saying they militant
The only blood in the street is when the government spilling it

You could have a hand gun or a cannon
And you still (?)
Without the knowledge and wisdom and understanding of
A 22 derringer
A 38 long
A 44 desert eagle
A Glock Nine
Time to protect the fam I'm a cock mine
"I make the streets run red like a stop sign." Stop lying

Co Coi Coi Clak Clak Clak Clak Clak
Gun man music never take shot back (oh!)
Co Coi Coi Clak Clak Clak Clak Clak (Come On)
Ghetto Red Hot 'round the world you hear that (oh oh oh come on)
Co Coi Coi Clack Clak Clak Clak Clak
Gun man youth never take shot back (Yes!)(Brooklyn)
Co Coi Coi Clak Clak Clak Clak Clak
Ghetto red hot 'round the world you hear that
In Jamaica (Kingston), In Brooklyn (Flatbush), In Ethiopia (Yep)
We Go There and Back (Come On)

To all my real live soldier cats where you at
Dogs don't hold them back
Those the cats that go to strapped to blow a back

[Talib Kweli]
You could be whoever, a black panther or lap dancer
When respect is the question folks coming with the gat answer

Shoot at your feet like spider, you a tap dancer
What am I amusing to you?
You better have that answer

Toys for guns? I got guns for toys
Silencers bring the heat without bringing the noise
Bringing the funk of dead bodies, go ahead bring in your boys
You'll see the soul of black folk like W.E.B DuBois
Israelies got tanks and Palestinians got rocks
Inmates got shanks and dirty cops they got Glocks
We got tribes in Africa that listen to Pac
Fighting with brothers who pump Biggie like they live on the block


[Cocoa Brovaz]
These are the tools of the trade
That we use to get paid
When we cruise on escapades

And escalades with guns to blaze
We been this ways since the younger days
Safe from the hunger pains
Pop Bang when the trouble came
Pioneers of gun slang
Supply you with them things
A little something, something
Set fire to the game
My system be thumping
Co Coi Coi! the sounds of guns busting
Co Coi Coi! your heart just start pumping

[Talib Kweli]
From a 22 derringer
A 38 long
A 44 desert eagle
Time to protect the fam I 'ma cock mine
I make the streets run red like a stop sign stop lying

Gun Music y'all

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