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[Verse 1: Teff]
Okay pass me the lighter, ash tray, fire
Cash stay high but my ass stay higher
On that, light green with my flight team
And my cherry so big got a light beam
And I, might dream with a right lean
But you can still pass the dutchy on the left hand side
On the passenger side of a left hand drive
Me and Tall Man so high we just hand glide, ya know
Remy Martin in my cup and hy-dro
Hot box with the AC on
And if it ain't the Ray Bans its Versaces on
Sipping Arrogant Frog got your lady gone
And I need a fiance that's looking like Beyonce
So why don't you help me get my Jay-Z on
, uhh
Tell her roll it up and just keep blowing
So I could keep going

[Hook: Teff]
And I think I need a moment
I know the world is calling but hold the phone
Cause I really need a moment
Even though I want this life to go on
And on (7 times)
Even though I want this life to go on
And on (5 times)

Pass the Cali grown let me get my Mari on
I ain't fucking with you little niggas, Eddie Long
If you ain't trying to help me out then carry on
Fly nigga with a lot of baggage, carry on
Uhh, I'm stressed out man I need a moment
Feel this in ya soul like I had Stevie on it
Girls watching me like I had a TV on me
See me on it, immediately she be on it
Will I ever find a good girl, Geez
G'd up I don't love her, please
Please leave the groupie girls are so wack
Thinking 'bout the girls that loved me before rap...
Oh snap
Wish I could go back, like a throwback
Get it off my chest I just keep blowing
So I could keep going

[Hook: Teff]

[Bridge: Guitar solo]

[Hook: Teff]

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