Tha Clip – Why I'm Here Lyrics

Produced By: DJ Spydar

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[Intro: Tha Clip]
You know really
When people make fun of me and Stunna

Call themselves fans
They don't know what it really is that they're getting into
That's why I'm here

[Verse One: Tha Clip]

I'm not alone with all the insulting I've gone through
Hell, if I go to Hell I know I'm not alone you're coming too
While I'm there I'm not sure what it is that I'm gonna do
The fire that I spit isn't gonna do something to
The atmosphere around me
Stunna found me
I made the label
I guess that this is just the name of our story of life, no fables
But will I be able
To stop the haters and find some real good fans
Will my daddy ever lose drugs and be a good man?
Well the answer to those questions is no but hallelujah
To the fact that I'll put a bullet right through ya
If you don't believe me then ask Stunna what he's gonna do

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