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[Intro - The-Dream & Samples]
Rolly on my arm - let me get my swagger back
Jesus on my charm: "Amen to that"
Laid back in the Maybach 57 or 62
Floating down the coast in the heli-
Shawty, that's what I do, I'm gettin stacks of this on accident
My daughter's 5 - what's that mean?
My daughter's daughter is already rich

I'm gettin involved, quit playing simp
I'm simply pimping record labels - nigga look at my limp

[Verse 1 - The-Dream]
She says she miss riding it
I say I miss her on me, holdin' it down
I certainly miss how she grinds it
And she says she miss havin' me around

She all up on me singin' my songs
And it feels like I'm fuckin' my fan

Screamin' all night goin' "Baby you already know"
Climaxing on my hand, she runnin it back, workin it
Like you don't understand

[Bridge - The-Dream]
She wants that old thing back
That ride it like a pony

That "get up in the morning and put it on me"
She's so horny, she wants that old thing back
That "mm-hmm, gimme some"
Rocket shit, that rocket ship don't stop til I'm done

[Hook - The-Dream]
She want that ghetto, ghetto, and I got that ghetto
Ghetto, ghetto, and I got that ghetto
Ghetto, ghetto, and I got that ghetto
She want that ghetto, she need that ghetto
Like ghetto, ghetto, and I got that ghetto
Ghetto, ghetto, she want that ghetto
She need that ghetto, she want that ghetto
That ghetto, ghetto, that um-hum ghetto

[Verse 2 - The-Dream]
She said "Dream do it to me like this
Why can't you do it to me like that?"

For the last 48 months, you can't front
I put that ass on the map
See I created this sound, yes sir I shut it down

There's only one #1
There other niggas my sons
And you can never be, be like me
And you can never do it, do it like me
Ain't none of these niggas seeing me
Ain't none of these niggas repeating me
Ain't none of these niggas defeating me

Unless they get me to murk myself...
I just murked myself

[Bridge - The-Dream]

[Hook - The-Dream]

[Verse 3 - Big Sean]
She want that
Real nigga on the wishlist, used to blow me off
Now she tryna blow me kisses
Walk into the room, tell me how could I miss it?
Girl, you working like you need assistance, tipping
Girl you workin' like you need a pension
Bent that thang over, let a nigga pinch it
Rich nigga shit: I could put you on a boat
Popping champagne, now you look like its Big Pimpin

I work all day, fuck all night, finna to make you cuss all night
"Shit fuck damn!" lemme know I do it right

Pussy so good I'mma have to do it twice
Bend over let a real nigga taste that
Fuck around, need a placemat

See my call log - a nigga has to erase that
Send me a text, smiley face chat saying:

[Outro - The-Dream]
Wanna to show you how much I appreciate you
Wanna show you how much how much I'm dedicated to you
Wanna show you how much I will forever be true
Wanna show you how much you have a nigga feeling good
Wanna show you how much, how much you're understood
Wanna show you how much I value what you say
Not only are you loyal, but you're patient with me, babe
Wanna to show you how much I care about your heart
Show you how much I don't like (like) being apart

Wanna show you, show you, show you 'til you're hearin' me
Keep it how it is, so we can never say how it used to be
I'll be you, so that time will by
And I can't help but to think about you day and night boo
After the snow boo, it's me and you boo
Baby dance for me, baby dance for me
And baby put that body on my body
Work that shit like my Ferrari
Tonight it's goin' down

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