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[Produced by The Kickdrums]

[Verse 1: Lana Del Rey]
I want to be your object, of your affection
Give me all your time, touch, money, and attention
Pick me up after school, you can be my baby
Maybe we could go somewhere, get a little crazy
He's rich and I'm wishin', um, he could be my Mister Yum
Delicious to the maximum, chew him up like bubble gum
I'm his pretty party favor, he says I'm his favorite flavor

[Hook: A$AP Rocky] x2
Uh, uh, catch me ridin' like a bitch
Got the six forty-five, catch me ridin' with my bitch
Uh, long hair, Lana, that's my bitch
Uh, You can tell by the swagger and the lips, uh

[Verse 2: Lana Del Rey]
You say that I am flawless, true perfection
So give me all your drugs, props, money, and connections
Pick me up after school, actin' kinda shady
You're the coolest kid in town, I'm your little lady
You're sick and I'm kissin' him, magical musician, how I'm
Drivin' at the cinema, lovin' him and lickin' him
He's my lovely life saver
Doesn't mind my bad behavior

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: A$AP Rocky]
Swervin', swervin', gettin' all them dimes
Tell her I be doin', I be swaggin' to my prime
This ain't all the time, it happens all the time
That's a big contradiction, get your money on your mind
What, what, tell her I be on a chase
Chasin' for that paper and you see me on that race

What, what, tell her I be goin' first
I be gon' first and they put me in a hearse, oh

One big room, full of bad bitches, no
One big room and it's full of mad bitches

Lana, Lana, tell them what it is
Tell 'em that you doin' it, you mean to do it big
I said, one big room, full of bad bitches, no it's
One big room and it's full of mad bitches, I said
Lana, Lana, tell them what it is

Tell 'em when you do it that you only do it big

[Hook] x2

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