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[Hook: Dani Ummel]
Grace is for the living, doubt is for the dead
Forever they’ll remember, remember what we did
So shout til' forever, it only gets better
The calm before the storm, the reason you were born
They're watching
They're watching
They're watching
Everybody is watching for me
Everybody is watching for me

[Verse 1]
A king in my despair, my ambition's what I wear
This was made for all you know
What you are seeing, what you don’t
This are days you won’t forget
Won’t remember to regret
These are words I used to love
Used to love with all these words
We fell in the love with every dove
Ended up with all these birds
We were young, we still are
Here's a sky, be a star, let it go and get it back
If motivation's what you liking boy I got us
What got us a little further than before
So let them know (let them know)


[Verse 2]
A guy with all these visions
Saw my future, saw the missions
He said "God is all you need and all they need is to believe"
Well it's more than intuition
More than dreaming, more than wishing
This art is what I bleed
It's who they know, it's what they see
Take a look with the story
Generations fill their glory
If I lost it then I am sorry
But my hustle is just like Aris
Lloyd get a grip
When we make it take a pic
I hope they last, even when the good gets bad (gets bad)


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