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I know you're thinking, well god damn, What he drinking?
The crooked letter, no other beer feel better
I used to be a hustler, now I'm a, twenty-two brew guzzler
Other beers I'm not lovin' ya
Forget the great taste that's less filling
I'd rather have some Ides and some dimes in the crib chillin'
Or in the six relaxing, honey's in the back
Crackin' six-packs, rubbing my back
Big Poppa you all that
Thats what they whisper,hey mister
Do you have the beer with the eye on the twister
He points to the freezer, me being a playa
Big poppa show stoppa throw ya cans in the air
From bed stuy, to bin ah, st ides make eyes
Droop like chinese, so why try these
Other beers just dont pass the test
S-T DOT I-D-E to the S and im out!!!!!

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