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I’m so appalled
I’m ten feet tall
.4 on the clock get me the ball
I’m so enthralled thought I told ya’ll
I’m so high can’t be thinkin of the fall
I’m so appalled
That you got involved
Cause you never wrote, texted or called
But you know I ball
I see you tryna stall
Always clown around lil duvall
I’m such a beast Just ask my niece
Pat on your back like ya bitch Patrice
I’m so mean
I’m a machine
Thrownin up hooks call a nigga kareem
NYC nah I just chill in yonkers
Getting crazy like niggas goin bonkers
I be getting stronger mutha fuckin monster
I’m be goin deep
Late night times but im not a creep
Don’t like my dreams so I don’t sleep
I try to count sheep then I count money
I try to tell jokes but niggas say im not funny
I be feelin crummy like a dummy sonny
Rest in peace
I’m just so Insane call me Gucci mane
Beat be slow retarted then slain
I’m just not the same
I’m in this rap game
And if this needs work im sorry kanye

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