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[Intro: Busta Rhymes]
Catch ‘em by surprise
Let’s catch ‘em by surprise!
Catch ‘em by surprise!

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
Let’s go! Bounce to the beat, people hands up!
Everybody in the place stand up!
And jump it, shake it, rush the club!
Till the whole entire building is rammed up!
And there is nothing you could do to hold ‘em off!
And what a beautiful women be showing off!
We are about to cause a riot in this bitch!
Till we hearing the fire alarms going off!

[Bridge: Busta Rhymes]
We got ‘em watching
Do we really got ‘em all in a trance?
We got ‘em watching
Do we really got ‘em all in a trance?
We got ‘em hypnotized [x8]

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
Every time I come in and I step up in the building
And we lit the fires so I hope you know we got it run on
Cause you gotta know that when we get this right and
Whenever I’m in the spot there ain’t no question that you gotta (C’mon!)

And hurt 'em up! (Give it to ‘em!) Wet 'em up! (Let me do 'em!)
Spark another match and let it flame. Get your dumb on!
Everybody already know every time I do what I do
Bust' Ryhmes make the people wanna (C’mon!)

Let's go cause you know we gon' fly (Gon' fly!)
Get loose. Everybody get, get
Now I wanna see all of my people form a line
If you with me let me see you just (C'mon!)
With Diplo and Tiesto, we about to create a fiesto
Now get your club on, and if my people really with me then (C'mon!)

[Outro: Busta Rhymes]
We got ‘em hypnotized [x8]
Catch ‘em by surprise [x2]
Let’s catch ‘em by surprise [x14]

We got ‘em hypnotized [x8]

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