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Hmm, I got a feelin she keeps me in the dark
I gotta keep my eye on her, she ain't no walk in the park
I bought her this but she want that she she, she want it all
You see she wanted to paint the picture and say she my broad
I got a little tip from the word on the block
People sayin I shouldn't get involved

But I didn't judge or try to change it cause you are who you are
I'm like a drug, she's addicted to me, she can't keep me now
She always makin plans today, come and find me tomorrow
Goodbye girrrrl

[Hook: She Wants Revenge]
She's too invested in the hours that pass her by
I'd pay attention if I thought it was worth the time
I'd tell her easy but her hands, they find a way
Confusing passion for the love he never gave
Fall back on reasons that we know won't stand a chance
Watching her shoulders like a memory from the past
I'd tell her easy but her hands, they find a way
Confusing passion for the love he never gave

I couldn't get rid of shorty if I wanted cause she was down
But I was tired of playin the role like I ain't know that she get around
Somethin 'bout this girl fascinates me
She's the type that like to hang with the stars
The way she makes me feel and sedates me
Who knew we would take it this far?
Everywhere that I try to go
She got a "Wanted" poster with my face on it
Soon as I walk out the do'
There it is, "Wanted" poster with my face on it

Can't blame myself when it's not, my fault cause nothin is promised
At least I can say I was honest - goodbye girrrrl


[48 seconds of instrumental]


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