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[Hook: Cleo Sol]
Eyes, My eyes
Tears won't fall from my eyes
Eyes, My eyes
Tears won't fall from my eyes
Don't wanna cry
Don't wanna cry
Tears won't fall from my eyes
Don't wanna cry
Don't wanna cry
Tears won't fall from my eyes
No matter if I break down inside
Tears won't fall from my eyes
No matter if I feel it inside
Tears won't fall from my eyes

[Verse 1: Tinie Tempah]
Listen babe we need to talk
Cause I'm feeling sort of
Like leaving off cause like

We resort to some endless arguments
Of which I feel is sorted

So I feel we ought to just
Leave this now

Cause if a secret rouse
Ever leave this house

We'd be the talk of the town
Like Harvey and Aleesh

And believe me girl I don't need this now
And you don't either

B we're both young
So crazy in love and so sprung

It's overwhelming and babe
I just need space to breathe like both lungs
Don't ask for no chances, I won't run
Don't ask me to link, cause I won't come
It's done but it still all depends
If you want we can still be friends

She's like I


Let's not be sorely, yeah
Like Courtney said
No hugs, No laying down on the bed
No compliments
And no more baby names
With my surname on the end

One year that's still an accomplishment
So lets leave on good terms
No regrets, yeah?

(tears won't fall from my eyes)
But if they fall out from yours
Get comfort from your friends

Look babe, it's wrong to beg
Why you on all fours like donkey legs?

What part of it's over don't you get?
It's over,
now I'm just on the music like Rodney Jerkins
And in this thing I'm legit
And yeah I'm hurt but I'll pretend that I


I've been polite, you won't listen
Right, 'you're so different'
You're the same as the rest
Now our tongues relaxing
Like we're both kissing

What happened too dissing your
Ex-boyfriend and acting like you don't miss him
Can't you see, it's like there's no vision
There's no me and you we're both missing
And tears won't fall out from my eyes
Sorry babe there's no dripping
I ain't got no tears left

You need to hear this
You've been aware
That we've been a pair of kids

So b let's just leave it where it is
My hearts broken

But there's someone else
And I'm hoping she repairs the bits

Look I just


She's like babe, 'we have to try harder!'
Cause no matter what I still love ya!

(Produced by Davinche)

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