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[Verse 1: TomArts]

One for the money Fuck all them other funny numbers
I promised my crew We would rake dough up by the hundreds
I ain't stoppin' till' I do that Smoked out in a GH crewneck
These niggas wondering what to do next
Start by offering your girl to me for rough sex
Small sacrifice just to get your boo wet

New sheets means huge suplex
Drippin' so wipe me down where my shoes at
I know yall feel me Minus the drugs
Ya'll gone have to deal me
If not yall gone have to kill me
Just keep it trill G Ya'll got low standards
I get lifted and chuck dueces at the cameras
All I need is family bad bitches and vanity
With all the bullshit My mind finds the sanity
All I wanna do is get high and then vanquish Critics keep quiet
Your opinions been relanquished
Bumpin my toons burnin on some stank shit
Leave yo eyes lower than this basement
I like to call this dank shit
Ya'll smokin what I like to call basic
Bitch TomArts signing the fuck out!!

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