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[Intro] x3
Time’s running out
Hold onto this moment
Cause you’re never gonna get it back

[Verse 1]
Now, What would you do with your time if you knew
You were gonna die in one day?
Would you jump through the hoops of your life with a boost
Or would you deny and complain?

Would you run to the roof, suicidal and blue
As if you were deciding your fate
Or better yet, now would you cut to the truth - you’d get as stupid as you could
All before you expired - no shame

(Time’s running out). Hold on to this moment
Cause you’re never gonna get it back
And the time slides right by us and with a silence
Without the slightest hint of a pitter pat

It’ll be fickle and shift on you, unpredictable, ticking fast when getting laughs
Or it can drag when shit is bad

The future’s in my grasp, hmph, there it goes
Now everything I was saying a second ago is in the past

So we live with that
Which tense, can you feel tension
Wait for the 4th dimension
Ain’t no one getting over - The relentless
Pace forward is out of order with your senses

Take notice - not a time out
So I hide every clock in my house
I don’t wanna be reminded of my anxiety that when I’m idle
I’m wasting away while I count...down

Waiting for a clean slate
For pete’s sake! Lonely, waiting a dream date. High brow
Ain’t no way to replace your mistakes
No matter how good a replay, might sound
Ain’t no fucking freeze-frame to see straight
Waiting for the stars to align, or a plausible sign
Or a law to be signed, As it all swishes by
Cause really, the only right - is right now

[Hook] x2
Time’s running out
Hold onto this moment
Cause you’re never gonna get it back
I Hope you had the time of your life

[Verse 2]
Hold onto this moment
Cause you’re never gonna get it back
And as each one passes, it adds baggage
You gotta drag into the next, till you quit or collapse
Bit of romance in the concept of living fast
No sitting stagnant, ya stop and then it’s your ass
So we get attached to the madness of being frantic
Until we crash into walls that were built to last - And it’s tragic
Niggas say give it time, but they’re spending mine while they give advice
Luckily, I’m wise - it was set aside
The simple take is that we’re dashing within our prime
Then disintegrating into ash by the finish line
2 minutes in, 11 seconds gone
You can feel the ticks burrowed in your bones
And they’re thoroughly devoted to murder while they’re serving you notice
The borrowing is over and tomorrow isn’t owed
But I feel it in the bottom of my soul
I don’t wanna die and yo - that’s all I really know
I could live forever, but my body’s getting old
God made a promise, but his clock his hella slow
Holding your breath brings you closer to death
It’s the loneliest lesson you grow to detest
And this whole bit of flesh is a linear experience
Except of course, within the mind where the Delorean is kept
And I floor it...cause I...wanna...hold it…
Stretch this...out for...all that’s...left
Before it...runs out..I’ma..own it…
With any doubts or small regrets
We’re born at the entrance to the passage of time
A form that’s defenseless to its savage design
We morph as we trek it
Until the reaper escorts us to the exit - molted and breathless

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
Once upon a time - I learned that time is life
And procrastination was theft
So, if time is money, then you gonna serve time
When the time comes, life will pay for this debt
Cause when time flies, bet it’s first class
And the time line of credit burns fast
So it’s high time, that you learn to manage it
And in the interest of saving time
Two-timing, you’ll find is your worst habit
Cause it’s about time that I faced the music
Because the way that I kill time is abusive
And time and again, I get by on a whim
I’m behind at halftime, and then right at the end is when I’m buying a win
They tell me time is a snitch, but only time will tell
If telling time will you keep you outta the cell
Time flies and it heals all wounds it’s an angel
That’ll strangle you while it saves you. - Times up! - I’m grateful


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