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Skydiver the jet fighter when it come to rhyming im considered the ace.Highed up off this super doobie, black flag tied on my face.Diamond fitted hoodie on, fresh J's when I step in the place when the super villain is in the building these lame niggas feel out of place.Smoking on this anti-gravity kush, every drag pulls me towards outerspace.This that hundred proof, this shit ain't laced, pure weed, no seeds just give it a taste.Breaking down that sour, every hour, no blunts we only rolling up them J's, treating EZ Widers like origami, I turned that shit into a paper plane.Fell in love with maryjane, put a hundred on my finger and married the game, niggas aggrivated at the fact I made it, don't hate me blame Spitta and Dame.Im just doing my thing, came in the game, maneuvered through lane's, stayed away from the lame's and I earned my chains from the N.O. to N.Y. now they know my name.Naw we ain't the same my 16 like 16 bars of cane.I set fire to rivals who spit that flame, trade die hard like John McLane, uh uh we ain't the same they waiting on a second coming issue 2 done came niggas think that im playing I go hard im saying.Trademark da Skydiver who gone stop my reign.Yeah

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