Travis Scott – Drive Lyrics

Produced By: Travis Scott

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{*cassette rewinding*}

[DJ Screw]
10-201, you know what I'm sayin'?
Smokin' big, drankin' syrup, know what I'm talkin' 'bout?

{*cassette rewinding*}

[Sample from Lil Flip's "I Can Do Dat"]
What, sucker free, what, what
I can do dat (I can do dat right there)
I can do dat, ay

If I spill drank on my clothes - I can do dat
It don't matter cause I buy me some more - I can do dat
I'mma spend about fifty in the mall - I can do dat
I'mma buy me a Bentley in the fall - I can do dat

I'mma stop weak niggas from rappin'...

{*cassette rewinding*}

[Sample from Z-Ro's "I Can't Leave Drank Alone"]
I, can't, leave, drank alone
It got me feenin' (feelin' feelin' good)
(Feelin' like a boss cuz I'm creeping through the hood)

{*car driving and speeding; tires screeching*}

[Travis Scott]
Feel like I'm on the drive to the moon
Man I thought the world was ending soon
Damn a brother stay tested and the devil wear prada

[Hook: James Fauntleroy]
Sometimes I drive
While I'm staring in your eyes

With my hands behind your head
While you take me away

[Travis Scott]
Weather I'm shinin' all winter or chillin' all summer
Be rockin' furs look like copped 'em straight out the jungle
Used spend cheese up on steez yeah I remember
Used to take trips whippin' the Jeep my mom loaned us
Ridin' real slow
Mmhm, that the shit they didn't know

Cruisin' down 59 seeing niggas ridin' fours I just stared at the stars
Look with my eyes closed cause its driving me wild


[Interlude: Travis Scott]
Hit the weed and just drive {*4X*}


{*instrumental until 4:50*}

"Junior!" Fuck
"Junior, turn that shit off~!"
Man, for what
"What'd I tell about playing' that loud ass music in this fuckin'
Fuck! Fuckin' drama's crazy


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