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You kept me on this pedestal
No matter how much I let you down;
Too long, too long, too long

(now you trapped)
(My love for you) Ain't going nowhere, nowhere
Only only only

[Verse 1]
She told me I'm dying I'm trying to survive
Never be enough if it just
(Just me for u)
And now she questioning if it's real when I say 'I love you'

I guess it's hard to feel when I'm never even there
Actions speak louder than words and they say I don't care
But I know what's in my heart if you can hold it right now
You see it's only beating cause you hold a nigga down
Think about that for a second now, baby

I can't say it's right when I'm running through the night

You're my shining star can't afford to lose your light
So busy doing wrong, will I ever get it right for you
Oh no

[Pre-Hook 1]
She deserves something better and she know she does
(she know she does)
But I'm never gonna let her, cause she knows my love

You can never find another man
Cause I ain't never gonna understand
If it ain't
Me for u
Me for u

Even though I'm doing wrong, girl
U can never move along, girl

Cause it's just
Me for you

[Verse 2]
Me for you and you for me
That's the way it's gotta be

Even though I'm in the streets fucking with these fucking freaks
Stupidly, truthfully
I know you been so through with me
You put up with my foolery
I guess you got so use to me
And my infidelity

And through the bad you saw the better man in me
You picked me up every time they put me down
You try to leave me Imma tie you to the ground

Baby look what you've allowed (x3)
And I'll never found no nigga in my house
(who that talking in the background, huh)

[Pre-Hook 2]
She deserves something better and she know she does
(she know she does)

But I'm never gonna let her...
Kill a nigga dead, that's just

(My Love For You)


It meant nothing

I was helping her, Margaret, that's all

The way you helped me?

I thought she was your friend

So you wouldn't fuck her

That language does not become you


You'd rather I be demure

I'd rather you be rational

Meaning what?

That I say nothing about what I see

What I hear?

What have you heard?

That you are capable of anything

And who told you that?

Agent van Alden

While you were out campaigning

Well, if you didn't tell me about it

It couldn't have been very upsetting

It made me sick to my stomach

This whole arrangement does

What arrangement?

That I'm to accept what you tell me

And ask nothing more

That I aid you in the business you conduct

And pretend I don't know what that business is

I don't recall you ever saying no

To anything I put in front of you

You make a little noise every now and then

To remind me what a good person you are

But a good person wouldn't be here right now

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