Tyler The Creator – A Milli Freestyle Lyrics

Produced By: Bangladesh

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[Verse 1: Tyler]
A millionaire, I'm a real young billionaire
Boys Club, Polos and Underwear

My instrumentals can't compare to weak samples, niggas flare
Piano notes the hand sheet cuz i'm a fucking band geek
Real square to be exact
Nigga, asthma attack
I overdose on Prozac cuz i'm a fucking maniac
For a million females,
bitches pussy kiss kiss
Talking that she gay knowing damn, well she like dick
In and out her like Itchy And Scrath
Drop the snare cuz the bass is coming back...
Like you motherfuckers nino
Cuz i have an Odd Future like i been fuckin' Miss Cleo
You niggas is [?]
The Ralph Lauren is 2 hundred dollars
All you motherfucking hypebeast is zeros
And if it's left, if it's right, if it's wrong
You don't make sense like a fat bitch wearing a thong

[Bridge: Tyler]
Motherfucker, i'm i'll

[Verse 2: Tyler]
A milli and 2 milli and 3 milli
I pop willies on BMX
Eat McFlurry, skate niggas, dirty dirty
Thrash hard, throwing bows
Getting bitches, getting hoes
Eating pussy, manajatwa to licking and sucking toes
I got the fucking flow like rivers
Make you and your bitch quiver, on a blanket
Fat bitches eating banquets
Like it's all that you can eat
My dick is all that i can skeet
And your grandmother's hair
And that bitch truth or dare, me
Like the motherfucking game, i make it rain
With no money,
yeah it's funny
Cuz i'm broke and this ain't a fucking joke

Like a hoax, i got the hose
I got my show and i'm the host
Motherfuckers stay here, i'm out like a ghost

[Bridge: Tyler]
Motherfucker, i'm i'll

[Verse 3: Tyler]
They ask the boy cuz the [?]
I'm playing with these damn diseases
And sicker than disease
The way that i stroke in piano keys
Just like...

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