UGK – Swishas & Erb Lyrics

Produced By: Averexx & Pimp C

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[Pimp C: Hook (2x)]
Don't wanna be disturbed
I got my swishas & erb

Sipping lean, Smoking on some pine
Gurl I'm Pimping, Got money on my mind
Game is crazy, niggas gazy, I got heavy fire
(?) put one on it Bitch it's still five

[Hook (2x)]

[Bun B]
You know Bun B the business street soldier in the trenches
Frontline coming down on twenty four inches

Dope boys hanging on the corners and the benches
Saying it's a drout so it's plenty of heat pinches
Boys used to come up from the rags to the riches
Plush lifestyle with the bad ass bitches
But now its like the game is full of nothing but some snitches
And wanna be gangsters thats scared to put'em in ditches
FED's taking pictures so the cameras go click
And video rolling while I'm holding my dick
They follow me around like they doing they job
But while you watching me how many people getting robbed
Lets keep it trill cause we already know
What it already is and how it already go
Thats why we chop blades coming down real slow
Pop trunks, swang, riders slam cadillac door
Pass the swisha lets blow

[Hook (2x)]

[Sleepy Brown]
Before we get started, Every body roll up one for Pimp C
Before we go any further, Take yo lighter light it up for me
Now lets go (lets go), Now lets go (lets go)
And all the girls get down on the floor (on the floor)
Throw your money in the air and let'em know (let'em know)
Throw your money in the air and let'em know (let'em know)
I'm whipping big wheels (wheels), Whipping big wheels (wheels)
Hope your drink don't spill whipping big wheels (wheels)
Tell me how you feel (feel), Tell me how you feel (feel)
Put the (?) on the lady on my side
And if you all down for me, Put your hands in the air raise'em up for Pimp C
And if you all down with me, Put your hands in the air raise'em up for Pimp C

[Hook (2x)]

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