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Produced By: CheeseBeats

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[Hook: French Montana & Wale]
You niggas serving up a bad batch, too much bakin' on it
Bakin' on it, bakin' on it, bakin' on it…
As-salamu alaykum, homie

Got it, whip it, lost it, flip it
Now a nigga back to ballin'
Back to ballin’, back to ballin’, back to ballin’
I ain't even playing, homie
Got it , lost it, got it, spent it
Got it, now I'm back to ballin'
Ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’
Nigga, I got it, lost it, got it, spent it
Got it, now I'm back to ballin'
Ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’

[Verse 1: Wale]
Nigga, I seen her, booked her, took her to my hotel, no that's not my problem
Problem, problem, problem
Cause I get right to the chicken
Ain't trick with other bitches
Don't worry if I never call her
Call her, call her, call her (french)

[French Montana]
Motherfucker, back to ballin'
You know my whips is foreign

Man, you niggas play the bench and you know my niggas startin'
Motherfucka, back to ballin'
I'm talking black Ferrari
Straight cash made a hundred forty stacks this mornin'
I'm talking ten chains, casino lights
Red bottoms, mosquito bites
Bad batch, get your head cracked, Cee-lo dice
Motherfucka, back to ballin'
Start to finish, you start, I finish
Bottle after bottle like fuck my kidneys


[Verse 2: French Montana]
Every time we roll up, doors go up, and them panties fallin’
Fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ fallin’

Talk, all my niggas tore up from the floor up
And all those whips is foreign
Whips is foreign, whips is foreign, them whips is foreign

Nigga back to ballin'
Lil bit like Patrick Johnson
Never sold much dope, but I know
Some nights I heard that trap was callin
Nigga, back to ballin'
KD, Rondo, and Lebronin'
Found life is about chasing dreams
Don't worry how I got these commas
Comas, commas, I'm a, rider

Lot of, ganja, e-z wider
But I paid five stacks for a garment
Leave the cherry up and a high set
Hugo boss be the outfit
And a pair of some never coming out shit


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