Wale – The Posse Cut (Who Don't) Lyrics

Produced By: Kosmik

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[Hook] x4
Real niggas fuck with me
Real niggas fuck with me
Real niggas fuck with me
And I don't give a fuck who don't

[Verse 1: Wale]
Real niggas fuck with us
Fuck you if you feelin' different
Fuck you phony bamas, fake bitches, and you little git-wits
Prince Georges to the District
I be there cause I live it

Brought this shit to fruition
A couple years back ain't seen my vision
Runnin' this bitch like I do not care
O.G. Nikes, my shoes so rare
Whole lot of haters wanna fight I swear
Cause a nigga main joint wanna do my hair
Twist me up, let me crank
Rub my back, then let me lay
Give me dome, then let me skate
Ya'll bullshittin', still goin on dates

[Fat Trel]
I remember when I used to bust a Mack with my eyes closed
Then time rode, shawty trappin', plus she get it showed
You try and cop, I don't know you nigga, I don't know
You shop for hoes, I be searchin' for them calicos
Police be lurkin', I be swervin' in the Tahoe
I'm still young, still thuggin', I do what you don't
And you do what you can, make you less of a man
His wifey fuck with me and really he don't understand


[Black Cobain]
Hi hater, arrivederci, its Co-bizzy
Hands on the paper, so far gone like I know Drizzy
They talk about me, but they can't live without me
I send my haters X and O's , that's how you feel about me
I ain't bullshittin' with rap, we handle matadors
The CP3 of this rap game, I bet my nigga score
Flossy in my chip and peps, bitches and they new Giuseppes
My bitches ballin' to the Maya Moore's, yes
I'm way better than all of them, way better than all of them

Mr. I-don't-give-a-fuck-about-you what they callin' him
Hate is the new love, wait, hate is the new drug
I body every beat and tell 'em get they black suits up
Mr. Folarin said he got me Trel rockin' too
This the board administration, nigga, who the fuck are you?
Pass me the purp, I'mma smoke to this
Getting money, duckin' haters, nigga I ain't loafin' bitch


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