Wale – Triumph Lyrics

Produced By: Dave Sitek

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Ladies and Gentlemen
I ain't trynna be politically correct
But I won't rest till I'm givin my respect
And my vision isn't set on the money I get
But more less the vest I'm comin for ya'll neck
I ain't ?? just feelin how you felt when you came
More or less, change is imminent
I ask Mr. West for a lil bit of hope realize us new niggas gotta get it ourself
So I dreamed of presentin myself and the only thing I fear is I being shelved
The cocky, liveliest for nobody, book so many bitches couldn't of been in cum laude
Fuck the comradery with B rate artists
I'm ballin you niggas is Arliss so watch this
Always knew where the pot was
With no receivers had the pickin of a option
Tommie Frazier on the mulfuckin one or two's
Or Michael Vick if ya'll bark nigga ya'll through

Yea, 25, 25, 25 can I get 30 my side jones is fat and my freak jones is purdy

Why? Cause I Mac like Bernie and she swallow everything like Kirby
Not Puckett but I hit it then I duck a bitch
And older women put a nigga on their Bucket list
Me against you the movie of the year
Cause you slum dawg and I'm the millionaire

Their buzz internet and mines in her net
Should know I'm winnin that Chanel fitted cap
I know they suck I'm just showin you where my city at
Where fiends always on that water like a lily pad
But since Mark put a nigga on that lily track
I had the British shows talkin bout bring him back
But that's a shitty accent you should've figured that
Cause I been drinkin till the point that I'm a dizzy rap
Scab, fix up look shop joe
Cause I'mma look that part until I'm all broke, yea

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