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[Fred Gibbs]
Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa nigga
Yeah, Turn this shit the fuck up, nigga
You know how we fucking do
Right from the 4-1-2
Crazy 8’s bitch

Late nights, chilling money, stacking to the ceiling
Up a couple hundred tryna get it to a million
Rose spillin’, already high but I’m good weed twisting
Niggas got game thanks to me, no need to mention
Automatic start, no keys when I enter
Them youngings take notes
These hoes take pictures, jaunt me at my shows
Wanna know if I know them off Twitter
I’m sorry baby, it’s highly unlikely like me in some Nike’s
Get money every day, I’m poppin’ bottles nightly
Louie be carry on, I carry lightly
Promoters throw me OZ’s, they think of us highly
If I’m in it that mean it’s custom prolly
Plus my ho exotic smoking kush that come from Cali
The best in it
If it come to that shit, don’t question it
You know I got it

Say the town I get it streets but they’ve been waitin’ for it
Just left the dealer so that’s prolly why they hatin’ for
Uh, look at the wrist, they got me taken for it
When they walk, money talks, I just can’t ignore it
See a piece of pie, and think that I could be makin’ more
My cake enormous, my paper gorgeous

Come live in the town with me
Baby, take a ride with me
I can see it’s goin’ places
Every night we’re goin’ places
Different cities, different faces
I know that was goin’ crazy
I can see it’s goin’ places
Every night we’re goin’ places
Different cities, different faces
I know that was goin’ crazy

Now they know my name so no repeatin’ since the day I started breathin’
It’s been good, I’m only deepin’ and my bitch is Portorican
Girndin’, never sleepin’, eatin’ like I’m Cali kingpin
Every weekend party all damn night but then I sleep in
We’ve been getting this money since we was young’ins bruh
I’m getting cake you losing weight just like a tummy tuck
You see me coming up, hit you like an uppercut
The bird great tender win the race and you the runner-up
I got a real success but I ain’t done enough
Jumping like a double duck, she’s hating, looking dumb as fuck
My weed the precious all my bitches come with bubble butts
Going on a ride, y’all should buckle up
I’m getting pussy, you the ugly duck
Swimming, sinking in the pool
Making money why the fuck I need to finish school??
Now they see me and they greet me “is it really you?”
All around the world you see the visual

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