Wu-Tang Clan – Bells of War Lyrics

Produced By: RZA

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[Verse 1: U-God]
Give me the cue
Skip the introduction
Proceed the lip function

The junction get rushed by some grimy people busting weed
Splatter your melons like some Attica felons
Use a firearm good
Bloods go for heart swelling
Insert the spasm
Yes the dirty herb has him
Thoroughbred thugs insert the fantasm
Verbal smarts, spark the word, visit my scripture
Exotic wine, holding nine, Picasso pictures
When the rhyme pivot you now, limit your chance
Bodyguard the lyric with unlimited stance
Words seem to zing on down to Beijing
When we touch down you crown renowned kings

[Verse 2: Method Man]
There's no honor amongst theives
Street pharmaceutical
Stack like Genovese
, the four devil tempt mad men
But not these

We profound hardcore sound
To MC's thumbs down, prepare
Killa bees it be warfare, this the year
Niggas gotta take you off of here

Hold the square
If we go there we go gritty
And spread fear through this rap city, call the mayor

My razor sharp darts be like cold stares
The smell of fear makes my nostrils flair
Truth or dare
Ask yourself can you compare
To these niggas in the hood, Johnny B. Goode
Or he be gone yeah
The struggle goes on, you've been warned
PLO from here to Lebanon
How many bombs must we drop in the Ninety-Now

Walk a mile in my shoes, get the street news from Meth-Tical

[Verse 3: RZA]
Glocks'll be spitting, you gots to be kidding
Aiyyo kid you gots to be kidding
Or Glocks'll be spitting
You gots to be kidding yo
It's common sense how I master my circum-fer-ence
You dense
I get locked the fuck up
Released on my own recognizance

Can't be judged, young bloods bust back like scuds
Wu-Tang hovers one thousand notches above MC level
Yo, I stay high as like treble
Foes who oppose get plucked like rose petals
Arresting and holding, penetrate forbidden regions
Wack MC's only lasted one season
The morale was low at the corral
Adjective pronouns had no style
Your weak proposal
Aim the official, initial is Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah
All that other bullshit ain't permissable
Annual increase of the Wu-Tang manual
Handles to keep this hiphop shit tangible
Illegible, every egg ain't edible
My tracks remain Unforgettable
Like Ol' Nat Cole

Got to catch this paper to buy Shaquasia a glacier
Throw chairs to deck a skyscraper
Understand that the continents of Africa and Asia
And free the Black man from the enslaved labor, Wu-Tang

[Interlude: Masta Killa]
The weight of the fam is on our back and we can't fall
Victim to this long hall of fame, meaning nothing

We came to punish the glutton with a substance
That can't be contained, Wu-Tang

[Interlude: Method Man]
We be seeing y'all asses when we walk up in the club
Y'all all in the back
Scared to speak the speak cause you scared
Punk motherfucker, we know what time it is

[Interlude: Raekwon]
All you been seeing is upsets in the boxing shit, right
It's like come on man

This nigga fucked up motherfucking Whitaker
Dang, he caught Whitaker
He caught Whitaker a long time ago

Mike got touched
Then Mike got touched by Holyfield
Hey Mike's, Mike's gonna forfeit this fight
He ain't fighting McDermit
He ain't fighting
You talking bout he, what he, what he, what he did
Told them he cut his eye, in sparring

[Verse 5: Ghostface Killah]
Stella D'oro wrap breadsticks
David Berkowitz
Einstein birthed a hit, now nurture it
M.G.M. front row seat tonight, no gens
Purify, cleanse, ran into some beef up in the men's
Fix your sawed off
Wu-Tang tore me off the cross

All you saw was white meat
Skin hanging off

These is words from the Arch Bishop
Some call it six up
The Betty Crocker, Marvel cake stakes admissor
Wax janitor, black Jack Mulligan from Canada
Slam dance, tarantula style, you'se a fan of the
Monopoly king, Slavic poetry
Carnegie Hall's off the hook
Let's push through the armory
Mack truck hitting soloist, Soul Controllers
Behold of the thousand teeth fist, swift and boneless

[Outro: RZA]
You know cause Wu-Tang is invincible, you know what I mean
It's Wu-Tang Forever God

We gonna get down with that W
You gonna get down with that W
That's that Wu, that's that Wisdom
That's the Wisdom of the Universe
That's the truth, of Allah, for the Nation of the Gods

We breaking egg through these days God
We got the fucking way
We got the medicine for your sickness
Out here, ya knowhatImean

I was telling Shorty like
Yo Shorty, you don't even gotta go to summer school
Pick up the Wu-Tang double CD
And you'll get all the education you need this year

Their poisoned minds can't comprehend this shit
Word man it's Wu-Tang Forever God
Niggas can't fuck with these lyrics God

Oh hell no, none of this shit
C'mon man -- beats, lyrics man, y'all niggas
Niggas can't even understand half this shit
I think niggas ain't gonna figure it out til the year Two-G
(Wax niggas ass for free or fee) Word
Yo, you know what
The next Wu-Tang album ain't even coming out until 2000

That's just gonna come back with a comet
You hear, we gonna bring a comet
Check for that shit in the millenium

YouknowhatImean? So, yo, y'all niggas man
Be the resurrection
The Gods is here man
Born Gods is here

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