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Artist: Wyclef Jean
Album: The Carnival
Song: Words of Wisdom (Interlude)

Hello, boys and girls
Welcome, to Wyclef Words of Wisdom
Have you ever been sitting in your
House at two o'clock in the morning
And you get a mysterious phone
Call from a girl that you don't know? (A female begins talking sexy)
Now, hold on, think with your mind
And not with your pistol
Cause if you invite her over
This is what might happen:

Rape! Rape!
Rape! Rape!
Rape! Rape! (What the... Yo, yo, yo...shit!)
Rape! Rape!
Rape! Rape!
Rape! Rape!

Cop: Freeze! Put your hands in the air!
Wyclef: Officer, you don't understand
She called me. I was sleeping
I was minding my business
Cop: I don't give a flying fuck
About two bits about a piss
You're fuckin' guilty.
(Yes, yes)
Wyclef: Nobody's protected

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